Assist Chin & Dip TWMA-308


Product size :  1180 x 1130 x 2200 mm (LxWxH)
Product Weight : 180kg
Weight Stack : 75kg



Assist chin & dip

Specialized at brachial triceps, deltoid, pectoral, abdominal.
Width adjustable handle, various grips for chin-up.
Folding pad enables normal chin-up, parallel bars exercises.
Fits in small area.
Ergonomic design makes excercise effient and comfortable.
Excellent durability and design by using plasma cut thick steel pipe


1. Step up and grip desired hand position. place knees on pad.
2. Dip – Lower body with a controlled movement, keeping torso
upright and shoulders back. Do not exceed your
comfortable range of motion. Return slowly.
Chin – Slowly pull body upwards then return with controlled
movement, keepin chest up thoughout exercise.