DRAX Biceps Curl TWMA-309




Product size :  1140 x 1040 x 1400 mm (LxWxH)
Product Weight : 170kg
Weight Stack : 75kg

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Biceps curl

Specialized at biceps.
Counter balance system diminishes initial resistance.
Elbow pad provides stability, prevents shoulder movements.
Axis of rotation is coherent to elbow base.
Various grips diminishes stresses on wrists.
Excellent durability and design by using plasma cut thick steel pipe.
Double layered glossy coating.
Easy adjusting seat using latch mechanism.
Sweat durable artificial leathe

How to use

1. Adjust seat height so entire back of arms rests on pad.
2. Grip handles firmly.
3. Keeping upper arms on pads, bend arms slowly to curled position and return.