DRAX TWMA-311 Seated Row



Seated Row

Dimension : 1320 x 860 x 1800 cm
Unit Weight : 180 kg
Weight Stack : 75 kg

Specialized at latissimus dorsi, erector spinae, rhomboids.
Axis over head enables natural movement.
Various handle positions provide upper and middle back exercises.
Excellent durability and design by using plasma cut thick steel pipe.
Double layered glossy coating.
Easy adjusting seat using latch mechanism.
Sweat durable artificial leather sheet.
Ergonomic design makes exercise efficient and comfortable.

How to use

1. Adjust seat height to align mid-chest with top of chest pad
2. Keeping feet firmly on foot plates, adjust seat frame position
to allow full arm extension.
3. Sit tall with head and chest up and grip desired handles.
4. Pull handles back slowly until elbows are alongside body and return.