Leg Press TWMA-101


Product size :  2010 x 1020 x 1800 mm (LxWxH)

Product Weight : 210kg
Weight Stack : 100kg



Leg press

20 degree angle relaxes hip muscles without knee imbalance.
Hip transport loads instead of back.
Sliding adjustable seat.
Excellent durability and design by using plasma cut thick steel pipe.
Double layered glossy coating.
Easy adjusting seat using latch mechanism.
Sweat durable artificial leather sheet.
Ergonomic design makes excercise effient and comfortable.


1. Adjust start position to desired range of motion.
2. Place feet on foot plate and grip handles.
3. Slowly push against foot plate until knees are slightly bent, keeping lower back and hips against back pad at all times.
4. Return weight with controlled movement to starting position.